A primary goal of Vets Outdoors is to help our client vets regain their mental and physical health. Almost everyone we connect with has PTSD, and TBI is common, as well as a wide range of physical damage. We have found a company that offers all natural supplements which Washington State University said “is likely to be the most important health promoting approach in the foreseeable future. Nrf2 may become the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.

Now that is a powerful statement from a major University study! Upon further investigation, we discovered that these products have great efficacy with PTSD, reducing oxidative stress and brain regeneration. This is the only product that the FDA allows to say that it reduces oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days, and by more than 80% in 60 days! Wow.

Art Momper, President of Vets Outdoors said “My wife and I use this product, and we also give it to our dog. It has had a significant beneficial effect on all of us, and I am excited to make our vets aware of the opportunity to feel so much better.”

The science is what convinced us to promote this product to you. If you go to PubMed.gov and search for NRF2 and TBI, there are 98 studies. PubMed.gov

A study in Dec. 2019 by doctors in New Jersey said this: “In conclusion, this study could establish the significance of Nrf2 in transforming into a novel preventive approach against the pathophysiology of TBI” This means that Protandim reduces or stops the degenerative effects of TBI.

There are hundreds of NRF2 studies by major universities, including Harvard. They found it helps people diagnosed with MS, cancer, TBI, PTSD, osteoporosis, and many other ailments. Here is another resource that is easier to follow: Biohacking your Health

Vets Outdoors has become a distributor for this line of health care products. Our primary goal is the health of all veterans, and any sales go directly to fund the outdoor activities we offer, so it is a circular win!

Please do yourself a favor and try these products for 60 days, and you will be happy you did. Please go to this web site and order today.

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